Maria W. – Submitted 04/11/20

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Dekel’s for over five years. I am very grateful to have found a compassionate, experienced, professional homeopath who is also a MD with an exceptional background in women’s health. For me it’s the best of three worlds. I greatly appreciate his flexibility and accessibility in scheduling appointments and addressing serious health concerns.

Andrie Y. – Submitted 03/12/20

Good experience overall.

Richard S. – Submitted 03/09/20

Dr. Dekel is an incredible person. He uses common sense and treats your condition in a way that you get better, not just hooked on meds for the rest of your life.

Gail N. – Submitted 03/09/20

I have been a patient of Dr. Dekel since February 2020. I am more than satisfied with my decision to see such a knowledgeable and compassionate health care provider. Dr. Dekel truly listens to my concerns and spends time explaining what my body is doing, why, and how to address it. His recommendations are specific to me and yield immediate results. I am thrilled to have found an experienced doctor who actually reaches out between visits to see how I am feeling. I highly recommend Dr. Dekel to anyone seeking to improve their health and live well!

L S. – Submitted 03/08/20

Dr. Dekel’s unique qualifications as a medical doctor and holistic practitioner have a been a life saver for my mother and myself. Through his assessment of my mother’s dementia & diabetes, Dr. Dekel made critical recommendations which shifted everything. Her blood sugar levels are stabilized, and my mom’s cognitive/physical engagement has increased, while the progression of her dementia has stalled. Dr. Dekel has also treated me at a critical juncture, as I suffered from extreme fatigue due to stressful life events & change of life. His prescriptive recommendations have been instrumental in gaining back my vitality and focus. This review cannot capture the depth of Dr. Dekel’s compassion and commitment to his work. He is there to guide and support his patients as they journey to recovery and I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking optimal health.

Haydee R. – Submitted 03/07/20

A very caring doctor with tremendous insight and knowledge. Always looking for the best treatment protocol for his patients.

Eileen P. – Submitted 03/07/20

A caring and knowledgeable physician. Dr. Dekel listens to his patients and provides individual recommendations not one size fits all medicine.High quality medical care which is rare nowadays.

Barbara D. – Submitted 03/07/20

He is very good!

Debra P. – Submitted 03/07/20

I’m amazed how my overall health and well-being was drastically improved after the first visit. Dr Dekel goes far beyond practicing medicine and treats the whole person.