The Top Five Myths About Atrial Fibrillation (AFib):

1. AFib can’t be cured.
That’s false. You don’t have to live with AFib and a lifetime on prescription medications. AFib can be reversed and cured.

2. AFib can only be treated with pharmaceuticals or surgeries.
The best ways to treat AFib are not with drugs or surgeries. Medication and surgeries alone are not the best cures for AFib.

3. AFib lowers life expectancy.
If the underlying cause of AFib is addressed and resolved, there is no reason to expect a shortened life expectancy because of AFib.

4. Shocking the heart cures AFib.
Science shows that shocking the heart may return it to normal rhythm. It also shows that shocking the heart has no impact on whether AFib will return.

5. AFib is hereditary.
Although some people may be more predisposed to AFib than others, family history is not a precursor to AFib.

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