Fem Balance, Q

Price: $20.00


Quantum Fem Balance - Hormone Balance
Comprehensive Phytonutrient Female Formula - Ideal Support for PMS or Menopause*
Balance Your Hormones Naturally. The Perfect Female Formula
Supports healthy hormone balance and mood*
Supports cardiovascular, bone and liver health*
Supports alleviation of cramps, hot flashes and night sweats*
Quantum Cellular Resonance. Some female support products feature large amounts of a single ingredient, such as dong quai or vitex. However, the biochemistry of the female is designed such that the matrix of each cell really seeks small amounts of hundreds of different phytonutrients in order to function at its ideal cellular resonance. Therefore, we have engineered Quantum Fem Balance to contain multiple, quantum quality, synergists directed to the targeted tissue, the reproductive system, as well as exquisite co-factors and transporters to assure maximum uptake and nutrient utilization for the most rapid quantum shift in cellular resonance.



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