Estrogen Dominance, Natural Progesterone and Men

Newsletter #75 — Estrogen Dominance, Natural Progesterone and Men

Just as in women, men suffer the effects of “estrogen dominance”.

Many researchers including John R. Lee, M.D (Leading pioneer in natural progesterone therapy), Dr. Jesse Hanley and Dr. Peter Eckhart are coming to the conclusion that the over abundance of estrogen and estrogen like substances (xenoestrogens or foreign estrogens) are responsible for a vast number of today’s health problems. This over abundance of estrogen is referred to as estrogen dominance which is an increasingly serious problem for both women and men. Dr. Lee believes that it is excessive exposure to estrogen that is the primary cause of prostate enlargement and prostate cancer. Xenoestrogens in the environment are among the culprits. Sources of xenoestrogens includes commercially raised beef, chicken and pork, birth control pills, spermacide, detergent, plastics, plastic drinking bottles, pesticides, herbicides, personal care products, canned foods and lacquers.

Men produce estrogen (Estradiol) but in much lower amount than women. Men also produce progesterone, but about half the amount from that of females. Progesterone is made in men by the adrenal glands and testes. Progesterone is vital to good health in both women and men. It is the primary precursor of our adrenal cortical hormones and testosterone. The male hormone, testosterone, is an antagonist to estradiol (E2). It is made from progesterone. Men normally continue to produce relatively normal level of testosterone for their age and well into the seventies. Contrary to common perception, testosterone does not cause prostate cancer. Young men have high levels of testosterone and old men low levels. If testosterone were the cause of prostate cancer, young men would be dying of prostate cancer. Studies had shown that men with the highest level of testosterone have the least prostate enlargement. Conversely, men with the highest level of estrogen have enlarged prostates. Declining testosterone from aging, together with increasing level of estrogen, is the most likely reason for prostate enlargement and cancer in men.

The prostate is embryologically the same as the uterus in the female. Research Studies (Listed at the end of this newsletter) have shown that when prostate cells are exposed to estrogen, the cells proliferate and become cancerous. When progesterone or testosterone was added, cancer cell dies. During the aging process, progesterone level falls in men, especially after age 60. Progesterone is the chief inhibitor of an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase that is responsible for converting testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a much more potent derivative that is linked to prostate cancer. When the level of progesterone falls in men, the amount of conversion from testosterone to DHT increases. Unfortunately, DHT is not as powerful an inhibitor of cancer cell compared to testosterone. When the level of testosterone decreases, the relative level of estradiol in men increases. Estradiol, turns on BCL2 oncogene (Onco means cancer) and increases the risk of prostate cancer if adequate amount of progesterone is not there to counteract its effect by stimulating the P53 cancer protection gene.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), a prostate enlargement condition, is a common condition affecting the majority of male above age 50. Prostate cancer is a leading cause of cancer in men. It is slow growing, with a doubling time of 5 years. Numerous anecdotal reports of reduction of BPH and reversal of prostate cancer through the use of natural progesterone supplementation have been reported.

Clinical Evidence

Dr. John Lee’s women patients used natural progesterone for osteoporosis. Some of their spouses also used it for their bones and their prostate cancer went into remission. Dr. John Lee has had about 10 out of 10 men in remission from prostate cancer using Natural Progesterone cream. One man was being treated at Mayo Clinic for prostate cancer and it had spread to the bone. He began to use his wife’s progesterone cream for his bones. After 6 months of progesterone cream applied to his skin, Mayo Clinic could find no evidence of any prostate cancer. Several men with prostate cancer have told Dr. Lee that their PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) level-decreased when they started using a daily dab of progesteorne cream, and that they have had no progression of their prostate lesions. Dr. Peter Eckhart also had patients in remission from prostate cancer. Studies had shown that PSA level returns to normal upon application of natural progesterone cream before or after prostate surgery.

Dr. Lee reported twelve men who applied natural progesterone cream for their osteoporosis. All of them began to experience relief from their condition, after three months of daily massage, they were also experiencing an improved urine flow, with less pressure on their prostate glands and a noticeable decrease in nightly urination. Each patient was also suffering from enlarged prostates.

2 Ways to combat “Estrogen Dominance” in Men

1. Cut out the estrogen mimicking chemicals in our life
Use glass or ceramics whenever possible to store food

If you must use plastics, do not heat them up in the microwave oven or leave them in the sun.

Use a simple detergent with less chemicals (e.g. Nature Clean)

Use a simple soap

Use natural pest control not pesticides.

Avoid Synthetic Chemicals.

Don’t use herbicides.

Buy hormone free meats to eat.

Buy “Organic” produce, produce grown without pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizer

Use Condoms without spermicide for Birth control.

2. Apply Natural Progesterone cream

Progesterone cream can help to reduce the prostate size. Progesterone’s inhibitory effect on 5 alpha reductase is far more effective than Proscar which is standard agents used in traditional medicine to cure BPH. All men over age 40 should consider natural progesterone replacement therapy, or even earlier if there is a history of prostate caner or BPH. The amount needed is 8 – 12 mg a day (1/8 tsp -1/4 tsp twice daily). Men should apply directly to their scrotum (testical sac) twice daily. This allows it to get into the prostate receptors.

Symptoms of prostatism such as urinary urgency and frequency decreased considerably after application of Natural Progesterone cream. Physiological doses of progesterone also appear to enhance sexual drive. Natural progesterone cream prevents osteoporosis in men. Natural progesterone cream might decrease male balding due to the corresponding rise in testosterone. Progesterone cream might provide relief from pain and swelling of rheumatoid arthritis when rubbed into the joints.

Side Effects of Natural progesterone cream

Side Effects for Natural Progesterone taken in physiologic doses are minimal.

In a study in the Medical Tribune fifteen years ago, progesterone was given to college age men. Sperm maturation was observed to be inhibited. In other words, it appears that progesterone taken by men in physiologic doses may act only as a contraceptive. In women, progesterone increases sex drive.

Progesterone has no feminizing characteristics.

Research Studies

In 1988 a very important study was done at Nanjing Medical College in China where progesterone reduced the prostate weights of test animals.

Six different studies at the University of Milan in Italy, the University of Turku in Finland, Montreal General Hospital in Quebec, St. George’s Hospital in London, the University of Mainz in Germany and the Roswell Park Memorial Institute in New York all independently had results that suggest that progesterone is a powerful 5-alpha reductase inhibitor that stops the conversion of testosterone into DHT in test animals.

At Staten Island College in New York and Mt. Sinai Medical School (also in New York ) progesterone was shown to raise the level of androstenedione in the prostate gland itself. Remember that a healthy prostate needs an abundance of androgens such as testosterone and androstenedione and DHEA to function well as it does in your youth.

At the University of Maryland in Baltimore human prostate cells were shown to have progesterone receptor sites. This was also demonstrated at the Institute of Clinical Medicine in Rome.

The Center for Drug Research in India did four different studies suggesting that progesterone shrank enlarged rat prostates, progesterone antagonized the stimulating effects of estrogen, that progesterone stimulates alkaline phosphatase and depressed acid phosphatase in the prostate and generally is supportive of proper prostate function.

At the University of Laval in Quebec progesterone inhibited estrogen from binding to the prostate and progesterone receptors were clearly demonstrated.

At the Institute for Biological Medical Experiments in Buenos Aires it was shown progesterone shrank prostate weight in test animals as well as reduced 5-alpha reductase activity.

At Central Hospital University in Paris progesterone was shown to inhibit the formation of DHT as well as binding of it to the prostate. DHT content in the prostate is the single most causative factor in prostate disease.

At the Biochemical Medical Laboratory in France the doctors demonstrated in human BPH tissue there are more progesterone receptors which show how responsive the prostate is to this hormone.

At the Institute of Clinical Chemistry in Bochum, Germany progesterone in human BPH tissue reduced the activity of 5-alpha reductase strongly.


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