Summary of “Should you need an “exemption” to say no to a mask or a vaccine??” by Janet Levatin, MD, HMC, Holistic pediatrician

In these strange times, the question of whether you should need an “exemption” to say no to a mask or vaccine mandate may be one with which you have considered. Some who choose to decline vaccination and/or choose not to wear a mask may make these decisions based on research showing the potential for illness or serious side effects with some vaccinations. Some may be skeptical about the lack of evidence supporting the claim that masks can slow the spread of infection. Others may even argue that masks can lead to medical and psychological problems, and that mandates are promoting more of a political agenda rather than public health. While vaccinations, for the most part, can remain a private matter between you and your physician, choosing to not wear a mask is a decision that can be difficult due to mask mandates in businesses, schools, and other public places, and may be met with negative social effects.

Janet Levatin, MD, HMC, a holistic pediatrician, believes we should not need to exempt ourselves from vaccines or mask wearing, as those who make the decision to decline these recommendations are simply trying to exist in the world in their natural state. Some recommendations she gives regarding how to fight against encroaching mask and vaccine mandates include:

  1. Demanding factual evidence regarding the effectiveness of masks and vaccines in stopping the spread of infection, particularly from news and media outlets
  2. Contacting your state and federal legislators frequently to inform them on your stance regarding mask and/or vaccine mandates and letting them know you are watching how they vote on these issues
  3. Talking to others about their stance on wearing a mask and sharing your beliefs
  4. Challenging whether mandates are constitutional, and raising funds should legal action become necessary
  5. Networking with others who have similar beliefs

We live in a nation where we are fortunate to have certain freedoms, including the right to decline vaccination and choose not to wear a mask. Each individual has the right and responsibility to do ample research when considering his or her approach to the vaccine and/or mask dilemma that many find themselves debating. It is important to note that while the CDC and many local and state governments ask that you wear a mask, they are currently recommendations and not technically laws. As a citizen it is your right to choose whether or not to be vaccinated or wear a mask, and to take action to preserve your freedom of choice.