The dangers of Gardasil vaccination

Finally a Republican presidential debate brings the dangers of vaccines into the national spotlight. Governor Parry was quick to say he could not be bought for $5000 donation from Merck. Who knows what other contributions from Merck went to someone else who later contributed to Parry campaign? Governor Parry admitted maybe he was wrong to make it compulsory. Bachmann nailed him for the compulsory vaccination rule he put into law on this!

Below is one story about a Gardasil vaccination that, due to Dr Bruce Shelton’s competent care, did not wind up dead like so many others have following their Gardasil vaccination. For a condition, cervical cancer that is so easy to treat I have never lost a patient to it so the benefit from Gardasil is largely an illusion but the risks of death and or long-term disability are real! Government is sadly out of control when they force vaccinations like this on people!

Read how Gardasil nearly kills one more patient. Fortunately, this time the patient finds Homeopathy with Bruce Shelton in Phoenix, AZ in time to recover. Dr Bruce Shelton is president of the homeopathic association in AZ, AIHMA. He provided Homeopathic based treatment, which brought her back! See This is now on national radio with the patients mother on the broadcast!

Still the vaccine myth goes on, deluding the public into believing that all these vaccines have real significant proven benefits, even when leading vaccine experts are proven to be lying. Sadly, major media ignores all this. They want the public to go on trusting these “authorities” even when they are shown to be guilty of fraud!

“When two of the biggest names in vaccine research and support turn out to be guilty of fraud, major deception, lying and making unsubstantiated statements, it really calls into question the validity of their work on the vaccine front … and that’s putting it mildly. Yet, this news has only been quietly shared by a handful of media outlets. Countless American parents are putting their trust, and their child’s lives, in the hands of the U.S. Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) every time they vaccinate their children. Yet two of the CDC’s “go-to guys” have now been caught red-handed lying and, in the case of Dr. Paul Thorsen, committing outright fraud.” Go to link to read more.

Who can the public trust when there is so much at stake to ever let the truth out? Vaccines are not saving the lives of millions as claimed and are at real risk of doing permanent damage to thousands of patients. This is a trade-off we would accept but only if the benefits were proven beyond all doubt to be substantial. However, since we can survive most of these infections they want to vaccinate us for with natural products, they need to really document no substantial risk and huge benefits.

We all can learn what to do for these infections like high enough doses of a stomach friendly Vitamin C such as BioEn’R-G’y, which is a proven vitamin c delivery system, is one alternative. BIOEn’R-gy C effectively delivers to the cells the huge doses needed for some serious infections like hepatitis. Read Dr Tom Levy’s book, “Curing the Incurable”. Review the 1200 published references in this book of the amazing life-saving benefits from high dose oral and or IV vitamin C.

I have never seen an infection in anyone that I could not overcome with enough IV and oral vitamin C, although for some major life-threatening infections, it is faster if I can incorporate OZONE and ULTRAVIOLET IRRADIATION with the rest of the treatment. I also use high dose Vitamin A and huge doses of liquid Kyolic like a full two ounce bottle
or more a day and of course one ounce a day of the only silver product (ACS 200) on the market that is proven to overcome all infections even Lyme in minutes whereas other silver products often take an hour or more for the same level of effectiveness.

The point is knowing that I never need their vaccines for anything including HPV vaccine, Gardasil, which they pretend is saving millions of lives, whereas cervical cancer has never killed any of my patients, as it is easy to treat. Even the mainstream approach of pap smears and conization are useful so why kill healthy young girls with this terrible vaccine?

Anyone can hear Doctor Radio NYU Medical Center broadcasts on SIRIUS XM satellite 81. You can find Dennis Goodman’s interview with Dr Bruce Shelton and listen to the story of his patient, whose life was nearly ended from a routine HPV vaccine she and no one else ever really needs in spite of their marketing campaign.

You can learn more about that vaccine at…

Now thanks to Michele Bachman the dangers of vaccination are being talked about but, of course, the media is paid to hush this up ASAP.

Garry F. Gordon MD,DO,MD(H)
President, Gordon Research Institute

It was October 17th 2006. It was a sunny, mild day and school was in full swing for my 12 year old daughter Sara, a beautiful blonde, blue eyed, athletic girl who enjoyed all of what life had in store for her. She was spending her time playing outside after school and on the weekends with her younger sister Shannon. As a family we never sat still. We enjoyed going to Deep Creek Lake in Maryland every summer and active family vacations. Sara played softball, soccer, and basketball. Sara was just starting junior high and finding her niche in her new school environment as we all do at this age. She shared the love of reading Harry Potter with her dad and younger sister, in fact they would spend many late nights past bedtime reading out loud to each other and discussing the finer points of the plots, personalities and weavings of the series.

In the few months leading up to Oct. 17th 2006, there was talk of a new vaccine that could prevent cervical cancer. Almost every other commercial on TV was an advertisement to “Be one less”. This intrigued me because a few years prior I had severe cervical displasia, a step below cervical cancer, that I had to have surgically removed. Each time my daughters went for their allergy shots our PC would suggest that my daughters get this amazing new vaccine that can prevent cervical cancer and that her daughter, and the daughters of all that worked for her, were vaccinated with the Gardasil vaccine. Not to mention that Sara’s doctor also wrote an article in our local newspaper touting all of the benefits of getting this jab.

So, as the weeks went on of hearing about this vaccine in local and national media, with our family doctor pushing, and my experience with almost having cervical cancer, my husband Peter and I decided that this vaccine could protect our daughters from cancer. I thought to myself modern medicine is amazing! I can protect my kids and I was all about protecting my girls in anyway I could then and now. Unfortunately, with my desire for protecting them and my limited knowledge on this very new, at the time vaccine, cost my daughter almost everything including her life.

It seemed like any normal visit to the doctor’s office. I asked all the right questions to the nurse practitioner: “Is this a safe vaccine?” Yes, she replied. “Is this a live or dead virus?” She replied “Dead.” “Are there any side effects with this vaccine?” Yes, she replied. “This vaccine hurts at the injection site more than most and sometimes people get faint if they are afraid of needles.” No problem I thought because my kids aren’t afraid of needles. It all sounded good. I got the right answers to my questions, all systems were go! High insight being 20/20, I should have asked, Have there been any adverse events or deaths from this vaccine. According to VARS as of 1/15/11 there were a total of 91 deaths and 21,171 adverse reactions reported to Vaccine Adverse Effects Report System.

October 17th 2006 Sara got the Gardasil vaccine. It caused pain at the site of the injection, but that wasn’t a surprise because the nurse explained that was the main complaint with this vaccine. Sara described that it felt like getting hit with a baseball bat. She even cried, which was unusual for her because she never cried at previous vaccinations or allergy shots. The nurse said to give it a few days and it will go away. So with that, we went home.
For days Sara had pain in her arm and I would reassure her that it would go away soon. Two weeks later I called to talk with our doctor’s office, and the nurse said not to worry it will go away. As I mentioned earlier Sara took allergy shots to help her allergies to dust, mold, mildew & golden rod. During this time the golden rod count was high. When Sara started showing signs of a sinus infection, nose bleeds feeling light headed (also symptoms of an adverse reaction to this vaccine) I assumed it was due to her allergies and didn’t worry. Over a short period of time Sara was complaining that the pain in her arm didn’t go away and now the pain was traveling up into her neck. But we brushed it off, thinking it was from basketball just starting up and that she was sore from practice. We saw her hold her body differently when she walked. Soon we couldn’t ignore the signs anymore. Sara had a CT Scan of her right arm where the injection was given that showed a deep pocket of inflammation. The doctors thought she had Brachial Plexus Neuritis or Parsoner’s Turnner’s Syndrome. She was tired and taking naps at twelve years old and she was having a hard time concentrating. Soon Sara was in pain all the time. It was hard for her to hold her books and keep up with her responsibilities of being 2nd chair clarinet player for her school band, due to the pain & swelling in her thumb. Also, we noticed that she was extremely pale.

In the weeks and months after getting the Gardasil vaccine, Sara’s health was in a downward spiral. She was a healthy, normal kid before the Gardasil vaccine and now she was having trouble opening lids, and concentrating because of the pain. My mind kept coming back to this vaccine, that all of Sara’s health issues happened after getting the Gardasil shot. Due to this vaccine being so new, the only information that I could find was the propaganda on how great this vaccine was. I wanted to find out what was happening to my little girl.

One morning Sara’s knee swelled up to about three times its normal size without any injury, so we took her to the emergency room where they ran tests that showed Sara was autoimmune with an RA factor. Western medicine looks at symptoms not for the root cause. The doctors put Sara on arthritis drugs such as Methatrexate, Enbrel, Remicade, Prednisone, Tramadol, etc. These drugs made her even more sick and very frail. We had her on these medications for 6 months until she became so ill that I had to take her off all of them except the steroid. At this point she weighed about 65 pounds (her weight at the time of the vaccine was 93 pounds, 5’2 tall) and in extreme pain. She looked as if she just came out of a concentration camp. I had to do everything for her; brush her hair, help put clothes on, help her to sit up in bed through screams and cries of pain. I thought I was going to lose her. I was desperate to help her and I was not getting the help Sara needed from our doctors. They were busy telling me, “There is no known cause or cure but, here take these drugs to see if that helps.” At this point, I saw an interview of Jenny McCarthy on The Oprah Show talking about her new book “Louder than Words; A Mother’s Journey in Healing Autism”. I found it compelling that her son Evan’s symptoms of pain, leaky gut, food sensitivities/allergies were similar to Sara. We changed Sara’s diet and stayed away from the foods that made her react; corn in any form, wheat, dairy/casein, soy, night shades, peanut butter were foods that we stayed away from. We were also learning through Jenny and Evan’s story about different biomedical treatments and ways to detox from heavy metals. Jenny McCarthy’s book became a great reference in the coming days and weeks.

Finally, with much prodding with a doctor here in Pennsylvania. I pleaded with him to find out if there was anyone he knew of that could help Sara. I told him that time was of the essence and we didn’t have time to waste. He said we might have to go to Arizona and be there for 3 to 4 weeks. I said I would do anything, go anywhere to get Sara better. He said he knew Dr. Bruce H. Shelton a Homeopathic Medical doctor and he highly recommended him. This was our last hope. Sara had been to over 16 medical specialist and 4 different hospitals and she was only getting worse. I planned our trip to Arizona for a three week stay. When the day came for Sara and I to fly out from Pennsylvania to Arizona I worried because I was taking her by myself. My husband and younger daughter Shannon were going to stay and vacation with family like we do every year and I wanted to keep it that way because I wanted Shannon to be able to see her cousins and spend time with family and not in hotel rooms or doctors offices in Arizona. At the airport, I suddenly was hit with the reality of the “hows”. How am I going to get Sara on the plane in a wheelchair? What about going to the bathroom? At this point, Sara was unable to walk and needed a wheelchair. I had to find my way around a city I’ve never been to before with a very sick child. I was scared.

I had to hold onto my faith that what happened to Sara isn’t right. That this vaccine injury caused arthritic pain and symptoms that the root cause is the vaccine injury. That is what needs to be fixed. I was in constant prayer and deep talks with God. I was a faithful person before this happened but it deepened my faith beyond explanation. I surrendered to God and let him lead, all the way to Arizona.

Once, Sara and I were settled in our Arizona hotel room. We planned for our appointment with Dr. Shelton for the following day. We were anxious to see him and to see what he could do to help Sara. We were able to get to his office without getting lost in a city that was new, so I felt like that was a good sign. He was very attentive listening to Sara’s long list of ailments since getting the vaccine. He put us at ease and started formulating a treatment plan. Firstly Dr. Shelton did diagnostic testing, blood work, and thermal imaging. He suggested that we get the actual Gardasil vaccine and dilute it out making a homeopathic nosode of it to treat Sara. Sara was not having it, she said “I will not ingest it and you can’t make me”! So Dr. Shelton said “OK, we can work around that.” The following day Dr. Shelton had the Garasil vaccine diluted out into vials but instead of Sara ingesting it, he used a cold lazer and programmed vaccine frequencies into it. We taped the vial over the lazer light and painted Sara’s body with it. This imprinted the Garasil frequencies onto Sara’s body deeply so that her immune system recognized it, in a way that her body would stop attacking itself. It had improved Sara’s sympotoms to a small degree but it was progress and each time we did this treatment (everyday for three weeks) Sara’s pain and swelling lessened. Improvements continued as we continued the nosode treatment (97 vials) of the Garasil back home, we even purchased our own cold laser. Dr. Shelton used many treatments for Sara; The Sanum/Pleomrpohic Protocol, nutritional IVs, detox foot baths, hydro colon therapy, chiropractic therapy, blood irradiation, and bio dentistry. We followed these treatments when we got back to our hometown of Somerset, Pennsylvania. Dr. Shelton was instrumental to Sara’s recovery and someone that we counted on to help over see our holistic team. We know that Dr. Shelton and his treatment protocols saved Sara’s life and we are forever grateful to him and the ability to get alternative therapies. Our treatments in Pa. included Hyper Baric Oxygen Therapy for 3 months for two hour treatments five days a week, Chiropractic treatments 3 days a week for one year & now as needed, Acupuncture treatments for 2 years 2 times per month that is on going, Gynecologist to help balance Sara’s hormones as it took until the age of 16 to get her first period, Beam Ray-Rife 1 year 3 days a week, Zyto, organic food, diet restrictions, yoga, massage and energy healing!

Sara’s journey to health and recovery has been a long and exhaustive one (on all levels) with many twist and turns. It will be five years this October 17th since the vaccine injury. Sara graduated from high school June 3rd 2011. She was able to walk on stage to receive her diploma after not walking for over two years! Although Sara plans on taking a year off after high school as she is still in the process of healing and becoming independent, Sara is the first to point out all of the blessings that a tragic event can have if you are open to seeing them. She plans on becoming a homeopathic doctor so that she may help people heal in the way she has. She is an avid researcher in the dangers of vaccines and how to overcome toxic overloads.

Michele Bachmann states ‘Vaccine is not without Peril’ –
CNN’s Elizabeth Cohen Reacts with HPV Vaccine Damage Control –
Merck Plays Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing with Susan G. Komen Foundation

By Leslie Carol Botha
PRLog (Press Release) – Sep 14, 2011 – When the Monday night CNN / Tea Party Express Republican candidates’ presidential debate turned to the constitutionality of healthcare mandates, Representative Bachmann voiced her opinion as the mother of three daughters and the foster mother for 23 other foster girls when she stated: ‘To have innocent little 12-year old girls be forced to have a government injection through an executive order is just flat out wrong. That’s a violation of a liberty interest.’

On Tuesday morning, Bachmann was interviewed on CNN’s American Morning and shared that a mother approached her after the debate and spoke about the very serious consequences her daughter experienced after getting Gardasil.

Bachmann is speaking for millions of parents who believe that mandating a government injection is wrong. She also spoke about the pressure placed on families by doctors and educators even if there is an ‘opt-out’ clause. According to Bachmann ‘Little girls who have a negative reaction to this potentially dangerous drug don’t get a mulligan. They don’t get a do-over. The parents don’t get a do-over.’ 1

Bachmann also blasted Texas Governor Rock Perry with the question that the parent of every adversely injured child is asking ‘is this [vaccine] about life or millions of dollars?’

Everyone by now knows that Perry retorted that Merck’s political action committee gave his campaign $5,000.

In what year was that Governor Perry? It appears the Merck has donated over $25,000 over the course of Perry’s career: $1,000 in 2000; $5,000 in 2002; $10,000 in 2004; $1,000 in 2005; $5,000 in 2006; $2,500 in 2008 and $5,000 in 2010.1

The figure is actually very low for a state as large as Texas….could it be that donations are being funneled from elsewhere – say from a relatively new biotechnological company in Texas? The comment below was posted to an article written by Ed Silverman of Pharmalot fame titled: “Rick Perry And The Gardasil Controversy, Take Two”

‘Interesting to note that a company in Texas with which Rick Perry has a connection with is Gradalis Inc. Move the letters around and it spells Gardasil. In May 2010, Perry’s office gave $3 million to fund G-Con, another Texas Pharma, owned 10% by Gradalis, Inc. The executives of G-Con and the CEO of Gradalis have all given substantial thousands to Perry’s campaign. It was rumored back in 2007 that Perry made a lot of people wealthy, including his family, by mandating the Gardasil vaccine in the State of Texas. If there is government involvement, there is no free market.’2

Gradalis Inc. is a fully integrated biotechnological company in Dallas Texas that focuses on the development, manufacturing and commercialization of drugs, vaccines, tools and diagnostics, primarily in the area of cancer.3 Gradalis? Gardasil? Hmm…

Damage Control at CNN

Meanwhile, back at CNN Elizabeth Cohen did multiple interviews with the station’s news anchors on the HPV vaccine – it was obvious her job for the day was to emphatically state in every way she could that the HPV vaccines are safe – and any adverse injuries reported from Gardasil including paralysis are ‘coincidental.’ Might one ask how much Merck spends on advertising on CNN –or, the other major media networks, for that matter?4

National media outlets are now quick to jump on the bandwagon as doctors and public health leaders speak out to correct misinformation regarding the safety of HPV vaccines that prevent cervical cancer after Bachmann attacked the vaccines as “dangerous” when she related her conversation with the mother of an adversely injured girl mother who blames the shots for her daughter’s mental retardation.

But, there’s no evidence that the HPV shot — or any other vaccine — causes retardation, says O. Marion Burton, president of the American Academy of Pediatrics.5

Mental retardation is the wrong term – the correct term is ‘brain damage’ from the neurotoxins in the vaccine crossing the blood-brain barrier affecting the endocrine and autoimmune systems.

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Merck & Co’s marketing department timing couldn’t have been much worse with their BusinessWire press release Tuesday announcing a new partnership with the Susan G. Komen Foundation. ‘Merck Partners with Susan G. Komen for the Cure(R) on Historic Initiative to Help Address Cervical and Breast Cancer in Developing Nations,’ seemed to do little except cast further doubt on the integrity of the pharmaceutical giant.6

The big bad wolf is hiding once again in sheep’s clothing while portraying their humanitarian interest in partnering with the foundation to disseminate breast and cervical cancer information to women in Africa. According to the release Merck will be contributing ‘$3 million over three years to the Pink Ribbon–Red Ribbon initiative to help address both cervical and breast cancer in sub-Saharan African nations by supporting disease education, screening and treatment efforts as well as increased access to cervical cancer vaccination.”

After one gets over the initial ‘Awww ain’t that nice…’ it becomes pretty clear that Merck is using the foundation to develop new markets for their vaccine in countries where no adequate vaccine injury tracking systems exist, not to mention cervical screening.

Women who supported the Komen Foundation are already speaking out on Facebook. One woman writes: ‘This absolutely disgusts me! My grandmother struggled with breast cancer for years. All contributions from her funeral were donated to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation. How dare these money hungry drug lords attempt to conceal their cruel and merciless intentions by allying with such a wonderful foundation. Completely sickening.’

SANE Vax Inc. agrees with Bachmann when she stated in another interview with CNN after the debate that Perry’s admission that he could have done things differently didn’t change the situation.

“It’s not enough to say, ‘I’m sorry. I was wrong.’ You have to get it right the first time,” Bachmann said.

It is time for medical consumers to be aware that Merck, the FDA, and CDC did not get the HPV vaccine right the first time. The adverse injuries and deaths to innocent previously healthy adolescents took one time… decision to get the vaccine series….. and for them there is no turning back either.

We can only move forward now that Bachmann has opened the door and exposed the ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing.’ It is time for their reckoning.


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