The HCG Diet

With years of experience utilizing cutting edge holistic medical and nutritional approaches, Dr. Dekel and Ellen Piernick will work directly with you to maximize your loss of those stubborn fat reserves that normal dieting fails to eliminate as we guide you to achieve your optimum health and well being!

You are about to make what could be the most significant choice you can make regarding your overall health and well-being. Why choose Dr. Dekel MD? Because Dr. Dekel and Ellen have each specialized in holistic health care for over two decades and their experience is ideally suited to ensure that you will derive the most from your time and commitment to this life changing process. Loosing the diet resistant fat is an important key to overall health and well-being. To maximize weight loss, we have determined that HCG-therapy by the injection method achieves the best and most significant results when properly administered together with our detoxification program. The end result will be your lasting weight loss and your increased energy for a more active life style. You will not only leave invigorated but you will be ready to share what your learn with your loved ones!

Dr. Dekel’s years of experience as as an MD with an emphasis on Wholistic methods to well-being make him especially well qualified to determine whether this procedure is the best for you and the best way to move forward. His approach is not the ususal one of prescribing medication to treat the symptoms. His training and understanding of how hormones affect the body, causes, and cures makes him especially well qualified for this proceure.

First you will have a complete medical reveiw performed by Dr. Dekel. He will conduct tests, including blood tests for evalutating and determining fundamental causes of any imbalances that lead to this stubborn condition. He will look at key indicators such as hormones levels and at the health and proper functionings of your major metabolic sytems including the thyroid, liver, and gall bladder to see what may be out of balance.

From there a determination as to whether HCG-therapy is the best approach for you will be made as there are many health conditions that can lead to diet resistant weight gain, that in Dr. Dekel’s experience, are best treated by other means.

Ellen in her fervor to be the best coach possible, has undergone the course herself after gaining an extra 20 pounds, some of those on purpose! She’s experienced what’s its like to be on the 500 calories a day diet while taking the HCG injections. Ellen has studied in depth what foods contribute for the benefit of the over all process and which don’t. Ellen has a very detailed system for insuring you are getting the most out of the course. What Ellen has discovered through her twenty plus years of work counseling clients on detoxifying their bodies, losing weight, and restoring their health is that everything makes a difference. Ellen’s complete program of healthy foods and procedures are geared to achieve the best results for you weight loss course and her guidance and extensive knowledge will you leave you with tools and practices for lifelong health. And she’s there there to support you every step of the way. Your progress will be monitored carefully and you will feel the warm embrace of having Ellen’s support. She’s in your corner!

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