What is Breast Thermography?

Breast thermography is a clinical diagnostic procedure which uses highly specialized infra red cameras to measure the heat coming from the body, in this case, the breast. Thermography has been approved for this purpose for many years by the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Not all breast thermography are the same. There are different Infrared Cameras on the market so you should make sure that your doctor is using the best camera (70,000 pixels per image or better) and that he/she is board certified in Breast Thermography.

It is vital that you have your breast thermography conducted by a CERTIFIED and experienced expert such as Dr. Dekel, who is also a board certified OB-GYN.

Why get a Breast Thermography instead of mammogram?

Each mammogram increases your risk of cancer by 1% per study due to breast compression and radiation.
Mammograms can only detect cancer AFTER it has already become dangerous.
Thermography detects physiological changes. A mammogram detects anatomical changes. Since physiological changes (temperature) originate before anatomical changes, thermography is the superior early detection solution. Thermography can detect changes in heat patterns as much as 10 years before a cancerous tumor develops to a size big enough to be diagnosed by mammography. Therefore early prevention (non-surgical, non-medicinal, no radiation) is important in order to avoid the risk of overt breast cancer.

Thermography is:

No Radiation

Our Thermography Equipment:

Is FDA Approved
Meets the highest Medical Standards in the industry
Is State-of-the-Art

Thermography is part of an early detection program which includes:

Structural study when indicated – Ultrasound MRI, PET, Mamograms
A regular breast examination by a health professional
Monthly Breast Self Examination
Personal Awareness for changes in the breasts
Readiness to discuss quickly any such changes with a physician

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